My Favourite Winter Activity

IMG_0951This winter has been a lot longer than the past few here in Ottawa. Not only has it been longer, its been colder and snowier. This has been making running outside and just getting outside more challenging than normal. Even though it’s hard to get outside during the cold, dark days of winter, it’s still important to get out. I’ve read and believe that the tougher the conditions you train in, the easier it will make race day. I am not a skier or snowboarder and a lot of the time the sidewalks around us are pretty much impassable. What I do love doing is snowshoeing! 

IMG_0800For those not in the know, a snowshoe is something you strap on your boot that lets you walk over snow instead of through it. When it can snow 20cm+ in a day, walking through the snow can be super tiring. The way a snowshoe works is by increasing the surface area of your foot and by doing so, distribute your weight over a larger area. If you grew in Canada, you’ve seen the old school snowshoes made from wood and rawhide, which were used by trappers. Now snowshoes are made out of all kinds of fancy materials, including lightweight metal, plastic and synthetic fabric.

IMG_0950I love snowshoeing because it gets me outside in the winter. It also lets me see and explore trails in winter that would normally be really hard to do without snowshoes. Exploring trails around me lets me better appreciate the beauty of winter. Snowshoeing is also great exercise. If it has just snowed and no one has broken the trail it’s amazing how tired my legs are by the end of the hike. An additional benefit to snowshoeing is that it tires out Nanook, my running buddy! She loves to run ahead and explore the snow and when the snow is too deep she follows right behind me. Sometime she follows a little too close and steps of the back of the snowshoe tripping both of us, always a good laugh. What do you do to stay active outside during the winter? Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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