My Running Buddy

A lot of the training I do for triathlons is all on my own. I go out for rides with a group of guys from the bike shop and sometimes my girlfriend and I go for runs together. While I enjoy running with other people once in a while, my favourite thing to do is run with my dog.

IMG_0558We adopted Nanook, our first dog, about a year and 3 months ago. We think Nanook is a Sheppard / Ridgeback mix but we really don’t know. What we do know is that she thinks she’s a little lap dog, when she weighs 72lbs. That she likes to eat her food as fast as possible and then beg you for more. When you come home after work she is uber excited to see you, wiggles her butt and jumps straight up in the air. In the evening, she likes nothing better then to cuddle up with you and fall asleep.


When we adopted Nanook she was about 9 months old and weighed 42lbs. We were told that she wouldn’t get much bigger and would only gain about 10 more pounds. Well that was a lie. Nanook has gotten a lot bigger and weighs a lot. What we did find out was that she had parasites and a yeast infection in her ear. Needless to say I quickly realized that I should have become a vet. In the last little while I’ve read a few stories that show that the shelter isn’t such a great place.

IMG_0838 Once we got Nanook healthy, taught her some of her basic commands and she was a little older, I started training her to be my running buddy. Just like anyone who picks up running, we needed to start off with shorter distances. To start we would run 500m, walk 500m for 2kms. We slowly built up the distance and now she can run further and faster then me! The longest run we’ve done to date is 13km.

DSC_0124I love running with Nanook because she’s always raring to go. Plus when you have a running buddy that can always run faster then you, it’s great encouragement to go faster yourself.

Family_Dec12I think that if you’re going to get a dog, you should adopt one. There are thousands of amazing dogs just waiting to find their forever home. There are also amazing people working at great shelters all over the country. Just make sure to take your time and research the shelter you’re adopting your new best friend from.



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