Go Canada Go! While I am writing this, Canada is leading the medal
race with 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze, for a total of 9 medals. It’s
still early in the games, so I am sure that the standings will change
but I am also sure that Canada is going to win a lot more medals.

Watching the efforts of all of the Canadian athletes is inspiring and
motivational. Seeing Alexandre Bilodeau repeat as Olympic champion,
the Dufour-Lapointe sisters stand 1 and 2 on the podium and Dara
Howell win the first ever women’s ski slopestyle, has gotten me out of
a rut and off my butt and into training again. This is one reason why
I think the Olympics are so great, they are inspirational. They help
people like me get back into training; inspire young people to dream
big and aim for the Olympics and helps people to be active.
DSC_0008_2In 2012, I was lucky enough to be in London for the Olympic Games.
Being in London was an amazing experience. Not only did it keep the
lines short at the normal tourist attractions, it energized the entire
city. Everyone was out, talking about all of the amazing athletic
feats. People were excited to see the big names and also the local
heroes from their home countries. I was lucky enough to see my friend
compete in white water kayaking. It was one coolest this to see,
someone I had trained with, someone I knew personally, competing on
the world’s biggest stage.
DSC_0243_2After the 2012 London Olympics, I made the decision to commit myself
to completing an Iron distance triathlon. I had already done a couple
of try-a-tris and sprint triathlon but coming home from London, I
wanted to find a challenge. So I signed up for the Mont-Tremblant 70.3
race a couple of months latter. Now I am hoping to sign up for a full
Ironman this year to compete in 2015. All thanks to the inspiration I
found watching all of the different athletes, striving to be their

While there will always be controversy surrounding a huge event like
the Olympics, many of which are serious concerns and should be
addressed. The individual efforts and stories of the athletes are
inspirational. Best of luck to all of the athletes competing in this
year’s Olympics but extra luck to all of the Canadian athletes! Go
Canada Go!


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