Pain Cave

Here is Ottawa it can be hard to get outside to train in the winter months. This week we’ve already seen lows of -27C and with the wind-chill it felt like -31C. Makes it a little chilly to get out and run at these temperatures and biking outside isn’t all that fun. When it gets this cold it can also be hard to get out the door to get to the gym. So we’ve brought the gym home, my very own pain cave. Now on days I am too lazy to leave the house, I have no excuse to get my workout in.


Right now we have 2 pieces of equipment a bike trainer and a treadmill. I wish I could get a pool in the house but it just isn’t big enough. The great thing about having a bike trainer and the treadmill is that you can do very specific workouts and it’s easier to hit goals during workouts. Plus you don’t have to worry about watching out for cars! The next piece of equipment I am hoping to get are some kettlebells.


While it’s great to be warm while working out, it can get boring quick looking at beige walls not actually going anywhere. Up until this week I’ve only really lasted 45 minutes on the trainer. To help stave off boredom I set up a TV and I watch movies, sports or Sufferfest videos. I’ve also put up some race and sports memorabilia on the walls.


A few of the medals from races.


Ticket, pin & picture from the London Olympics. That’s my friend competing!

Where do you train in the winter? Do you have a Pain Cave? Leave a comment below! 


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