Wolf Trail

One of the great things about living in Ottawa is having Gatineau Park so close. Gatineau Park is a 361 square kilometers (139 sq mi) federal park about half an hour from where I live. Gatineau Park offers all kinds of great activities and is a perfect place to train for triathlons. There are lots of great hills to climb on your bike, some nice beaches to swim and lots of great trails to run. In the winter Gatineau Park is a mecca for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


This weekend I spent a good part of Saturday in Gatineau Park and I wasn’t biking the Champlain loop, my normal haunt. My hiking buddy and I took on Wolf trail. This trail is a true hike. It is about a 9km loop that has an elevation gain of about 220m. The hike took me and my buddy just under 2 and a half hours to do.


My hiking buddy is my dog Nanook. She’s a 1year 10 month old Sheppard / Ridgeback mix (we think). We rescued her from the SPCA of Western Quebec. Since getting her she has become the best running partner, hiking buddy and cuddler a dog could be.


The Wolf Trail starts at P13, the Blanchet Beach, on Meech Lake. After a short distance you can choose to go either left or right. Nanook and I ended up going left. This meant that our hike was almost all uphill, it wasn’t too steep but it was pretty constant. Once you’re done climbing you get to two great lookouts, both give you amazing views. After a bit of a break after the climb, you start heading back down. This isn’t a slow climb, this is an almost vertical drop.  Wolf Trail doesn’t only have great views but takes you through a mature forest and by ponds, where if you’re lucky you can see some beavers. The day we hiked the trail it was cold and wet, we even got some snow. This made the trail very wet and muddy, there were even a couple of streams you needed to cross. If you’re thinking of trying this trail make sure you’re prepared for the conditions.


If you’re looking for something to do and want a challenge you should try Wolf Trail. It’s a great workout, plus you get some great views. Have you tried it? Gone snowshoeing there? Let me know what you think.



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